Hosting a Swiftie Bowl Party! ♥️🏈💛

Hosting a Swiftie Bowl Party! ♥️🏈💛

Are you ready to shake it off and cheer on your favorite team at the Swiftie Bowl Superbowl party? Get ready to blend sports enthusiasm with Taylor Swift fandom for an unforgettable celebration! Created + designed by our #swiftie friends at Inflate San Diego, we were so excited to be part of this festive photo shoot. As we prepare to support Taylor's bf, Travis Kelce, here are some fantastic ideas to make your party a touchdown. 

Bounce House Extravaganza

Kick off the festivities with a colorful bounce house adorned with balloons in Chief's signature colors: red, white and golden yellow. Imagine guests bouncing around, capturing the essence of Taylor's energy. Friendship bracelets can also be handed out as party favors, symbolizing the strong bond among Swifties.

White Bounce House | Balloon Garland | Giant Friendship Bracelet

Creative Marquee Letters

Illuminate the party scene with creative marquee letters spelling out "Swiftie Bowl". These eye-catching decorations serve as the perfect backdrop for selfies and group photos, ensuring your memories shine as brightly as Taylor's stage performances.

   Swiftie Bowl Marquee Letters

Festive Table Setting

Set the stage for a delectable feast with a table adorned with Chiefs-themed decorations. Display a cake featuring "Loves a Game" and "Go Taylor's Boyfriend" quotes, alongside cookies shaped like jerseys, helmets and hearts. Festive tableware and floral arrangements in hues of red and yellow add a touch of Chiefs colors to the celebration.

 Table Setting with cookies, cake and decor in KS Chiefs and Taylor Swift theme     Custom Cake and Cookies in Taylor Swift and KS Chiefs theme.

Custom Personalized Details

Elevate the party experience with custom-made details that reflect Taylor Swift's iconic style. From party favors to signage, infuse personalized touches featuring Taylor's lyrics. Encourage guests to dress in their favorite Kansas City Chiefs outfits for a truly immersive experience.

Cotton Candy Guest Favors    cocktail menu and cotton candy favors

Themed Locker Room Backdrop

Create an immersive experience with a themed locker room backdrop featuring Chiefs team jerseys and intricate details reminiscent of Taylor Swift's music videos. Channel the energy of the game while paying homage to Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Locker Backdrop with custom Chiefs and Taylor Swift details.

Mobile Bar with Craft Cocktails

Keep the party spirits high with a mobile bar serving craft cocktails inspired by Taylor Swift's hit songs. From "The Miss Americana" martinis to "The Guy on the Chiefs" craft cocktail, offer a variety of refreshing beverages to suit every guest's taste.

mobile bar backdrop    cocktails and bar sign, Chiefs and Taylor Swift themed


As you gear up for the Swiftie Bowl Superbowl party, let the spirit of camaraderie and celebration unite fans of both football and Taylor Swift. With creative decorations, delectable treats, and personalized touches, your party is sure to be a hit among Swifties and sports enthusiasts alike. So, gather your friends, chant "Go Taylor's Boyfriend," and let the Swiftie Bowl festivities begin!

Swiftie Bowl Party Guests in Bounce House

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